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Discover peaceful pet ownership with Invisible Fence in Bermuda! Our solutions are designed to protect your best friends from their curiosity and harmful behaviours that can also affect other people, pets and property. You can trust our team of professional trainers, installers and consultants to help you enjoy your pets and keep them safe at home.

Learn more about us, our training approach and our fencing, avoidance, pet door and cat solutions or browse happy tails from our satisfied clients. To get started, contact us today. For additional information, review our frequently asked questions.

Fencing Solutions

Fencing Solutions

We have the solution to keep your dog or cat happy – no matter the size or shape of your property...

Pet Doors

Pet Door Solutions

Offering the ultimate in pet door convenience, the advanced safety features of these solutions...

Avoidance Solutions

Avoidance Solutions

Shields Avoidance Solutions are a quick and easy way to stop counter surfing, garden digging...

Cat Solutions


Our cat solutions allow for safer indoor and outdoor playtime for your curious Bermuda felines...