Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

How does an Invisible Fence Brand system work outdoors?

A cable is installed around the perimeter of your property, establishing your pet’s Invisible Boundary®. zone. A discreetly placed control panel sends a signal along the cable, which is picked up by your pet’s Computer Collar®. Which emits a warning tone when your pet approaches the Invisible Boundary® zone. Proper training is critical to ensure that your pet understands and stays within the boundaries. During the training process, your Professional Pet Trainer will introduce the customized static correction to your pet, which reinforces the boundaries of your property and tells your pet clearly where they can and cannot go.

Does it really work?

Yes, it really does work! We’ve kept over two million dogs and cats safe at home with a 99.5% success rate for more than 40 years. Many of our customers were initially worried that Invisible Fence® Brand wouldn’t work for their pet, but have found that it really does work and have shared their experience with countless other pet owners.

Is the Invisible Fence Brand system safe?

Yes, an Invisible Fence® Brand system is safe and humane. It is highly recommended by veterinarians, professional dog trainers, behaviorists and other pet experts.

Training FAQs

Can I take my dog for a walk once he is trained to the Invisible Fence Brand system?

This is part of the dog training that is included with the installation.

Can other pets be trained to the Invisible Fence Brand systems?

The Invisible Fence® Brand Pet Containment system is recommended for dogs and cats, but has been used on other animals such as goats, donkeys, cows, and pigs – animals that react favorably to conditioning. However, Invisible Fence® Brand products are intended for domestic dogs and cats, and we have only developed training protocols for these pets.

How does the correction feel?

The correction from a Computer Collar® receiver is similar to the sensation you feel when you run your hand across a TV screen or when you walk across a carpet and touch a metal doorknob. The sensation momentarily surprises you and gets your attention.

Computer Collar Unit FAQs

How tight should the Computer Collar unit fit around my pet’s neck?

The collar should be snug enough to slide only one finger between a correction post and your pet’s skin. Remember to adjust the fit of the collar as your pet’s coat, weight, and age change. Your pet’s coat may change from season to season.

Is the Invisible Fence Brand Computer Collar unit waterproof?

Yes, with an Invisible Fence® Brand Power Cap® battery in place, the Computer Collar® unit is waterproof and can be submersed in water up to 10 feet. If the nylon collar strap becomes wet, it is recommended that it be removed from your pet and be allowed to air dry before replacing the collar on your pet’s neck.

What size is the Computer Collar® unit?

Our MicroLite® Computer Collar® unit is so small it weighs ONLY 1 ounce! Measurements are approximately 1.75″ wide x 1″ tall x 1″ deep.

Power Cap Battery FAQs

How do I replace the battery in my pet’s Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® unit?

Use a small, thin coin to remove the Power Cap® battery from the Computer Collar® unit. Insert the coin in the slot on top of the Power Cap® unit and turn it 45 degrees counter-clockwise. Do not push down while turning. The Power Cap® unit will rotate while the spring inside will push the Power Cap® battery out of the Computer Collar® unit battery chamber.

Install a new Power Cap® battery by lining up the lugs on the bottom of the Power Cap® unit with the grooves in the sides of the receiver’s battery chamber. Make sure the metal tabs on the bottom of the Power Cap® unit are not bent. Place the Power Cap® battery into the chamber while gently, but firmly, turning it clockwise 45 degrees with your fingers.

How often should I replace the battery in my pet’s Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® unit?

We recommend changing the battery every 2-4 months depending on the Computer Collar® – it’s the safest, easiest and most reliable way to guarantee your pet’s safety 100% of the time.

Where can I purchase batteries for my Invisible Fence® Brand collar?

Power Cap® Batteries for your Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® unit can be purchased by calling us at 292-7761. We recommend keeping your pet on an annual Power Cap® Plan – it’s the safest, easiest and most reliable way to guarantee your pet’s safety 100% of the time. Don’t wait until your pet figures out their Power Cap® battery is drained – keep a fresh Power Cap® battery in their collar at all times.

Cat FAQs

Can I use the Invisible Fence® Brand indoor system for my cat?

Yes! Our Shields® Indoor and Outdoor Solutions work great for both dogs and cats.

Does the Invisible Fence® Brand system work for cats?

Yes! Cats can be successfully trained to use the Invisible Fence® Brand system, both outdoors and indoors. Our featherweight MicroLite® Computer Collar® receiver is the smallest and most advanced collar available. Weighing in at just one ounce it’s easily worn by cats.

Indoor Solutions FAQs

Does the Invisible Fence® Brand system work indoors?

Yes! Our Shields® Avoidance Solutions work with the same Invisible Fence® Brand Computer Collar® receiver that your pet wears outdoors. The Shields® Indoor Solution is a small, wireless 5-inch disc that can be placed anywhere that you would like to keep your pet away from.

Can I use the Invisible Fence® Brand indoor system to separate pets?

Yes! The Shields® Indoor Solutions can be customized for multiple pets. You can keep one pet outside while allowing another to enter, you can separate food bowls, or you can even keep a certain pet off the couch – the options are endless.

Installation FAQs

Can you install the boundary wire through water?

Yes, our Certified Technicians can install boundary wire through water but certain technical limitations apply.

Can the boundary wire be installed along an existing fence?

Yes! Invisible Fence® Brand system boundary wire can be installed along an existing fence for reinforcement from digging, jumping, or getting out of an open gate. We will help you with the design of your system.

How do you run the boundary wire across my driveway?

Depending on the type of driveway you have (concrete, asphalt, gravel, brick), the method changes. Our Certified Technicians have experience installing wire across all driveway surfaces.

Technology FAQs

Can I adjust my pet’s correction at the control panel?

No. The correction level on your pet’s collar can only be changed by a trainer or technician. The computer collar is set based on your pet’s personality as assessed by our certified trainers. Our professional trainers make all changes to the collar to ensure your pet gets just the right amount of correction. If your pet’s collar correction level is set too high, this could lead to your pet becoming afraid of your yard and contribute to bad behaviors.

Are Invisible Fence Brand products compliant?

RoHS – All Invisible Fence® Brand products comply with RoHS 2 directives.
CE – All Invisible Fence® Brand products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) are CE compliant and bare the CE mark.
FCC – All Invisible Fence® Brand products required to conform to FCC rules are tested and certified at an independent testing facility. All product models are marked with a unique FCC ID number.
IC – All invisible Fence® Brand products sold within Canada and required to conform to Industry Canada rules are tested and certified at an independent testing facility. All product models are marked with a unique IC number.

How long does the wire last?

Invisible Fence® Brand boundary wire is a direct burial grade wire and has a life expectancy of approximately 20 years.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Why is my collar blinking red?

If you have started to see a red flashing light on your pet’s Computer Collar® unit, your Power Cap® battery may need to be replaced. You can order replacement batteries by calling 292-7761.

Why is my control panel beeping?

You may have a wire break, had a power surge resulting in damage, your backup battery may need replacing or you lost power to the outlet the Transmitter is plugged in and are running on the backup battery. Refer to your manual or call us at 292-7761 for a service call.

Can I take my Invisible Fence® Brand system with me when I move?

Yes! Bring your Invisible Fence® Brand transmitter and Computer Collar® receiver with you to your new home and contact us at 292-7761 to reinstall your system, flag your property and re-train your pet(s) to their new boundaries.

Still have questions? Contact us today and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

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