Our Unique Approach

Safe and humane, our systems are highly recommended by pet specialists. We have helped many island pets – and their owners – with an unparalleled success rate of over 99%. The industry’s most effective solutions, our training methods are humane and effective every time, with every pet. Our proven P.E.T. approach is gentle, positive and personalized.


Every pet, and household, is different. Our products suit your needs, whether you have indoor, outdoor or multiple pets, and are personalized. Professionally installed, our technology is fully customizable, guaranteeing the right setting for each pet.


Our pet experts are professional and certified. They have years of knowledge and experience handling all breeds, personalities, problems and situations. The best part? They truly love cats and dogs! The originators of pet containtment technology, we have over 4 decades of experience.


Our 4-step training program is gentle, systematic and customizable. It has been approved by applied animal and veterinary behavior and training experts in order to ensure that your pets learn their boundaries without distress or fear. The methods practiced by our certified trainers guarantee the success of our solutions. Each trainer has passed a hands-on skill evaluation in implementing our Perfect Start Training Protocol correctly.

Step 1 – Evaluate:

– We observe your pets, studying the way they naturally behave
– We get to know their personality and temperaments traits
– We work with you and your pets to understand what triggers unwanted behaviors

Step 2 – Adjust:

We adjust the setting on your pets’ Computer Collar to gently and safely encourage them to avoid problems areas

Step 3 – Practice:

– We work with your pets, applying our expert training techniques
– We use training flags as indicators to help them to respect the safe areas
– we have established

Step 3 – Affirm:

Throughout the process we encourage your pets’ good behavior with positive reinforcement.

We apply what we’ve learned about your pets in Step 1 to affirm that the training was successful so that, even when tempted, your pet will stay safe and well behaved.

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