Happy Tails

“My whippet, Lilly, is on an Invisible Fence® Brand system. She adapted quickly to it, and loves being out in the yard to run and play in safety.”


“I have an Invisible Fence® Brand system installed at my property and I could not be happier- not only with the quality of the product, but also with the service and support”


“We really like the fact that our Invisible Fence® Brand system is supported locally. If ever I have a question or need service, they are only a phone call away”.


“Love it, I would recommend an Invisible Fence® Brand system to anyone who has a cat or dog. We have both on our system and our pets could not be happier! They have the freedom to be indoors or out whenever they want. I have total peace of mind knowing that my pets are safe at home.”


“We have our three dogs (different breeds) on an Invisible Fence® Brand Boundary Plus system and are elated with the product. With the various products that are available from Invisible Fence® Brand, we have been able to make both indoor and outdoor area conducive to each pet. We have Indoor Shields to keep them off pieces of furniture and out of certain rooms; our Outdoor Shields protect our garden and flower beds. Having the Doorman installed was a great addition as it made our lives a lot easier as we do not have to open and close the door to let them in or out of the house.”


“Before we had an Invisible Fence® Brand system installed, we had our dog tied up. As we live near one of the Old Rail Road Trails, our dog would run out of our yard to greet people, bikes and other dogs that came by. Now on the Invisible Fence® Brand system, Toby stays in his yard.”

Smith Family

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